Dalian sanshan island Marine food enterprise group was founded in 1988, the headquarters is located in China's northern pearl - dalian, is a collection of Marine treasures breeding, research and development, production and processing, sales in one of the modern enterprise group. The company has more than 500 employees, with a standardized food processing production line, and a product research and development team composed of top talents from professional colleges and universities, actively developing diversified products suitable for market sales.

Sanshan island Marine food enterprise group has the national first-class clean sea area of 6,000 mu of Marine treasures wild breeding base and wild sea cucumber collection and catching base, all the raw materials used for processing all from the pollution-free sea area selected raw materials, from the source to ensure the quality and safety of products; 20000 square meters of international standardized r & d processing and production base, with the traditional product processing technology combined with modern food production technology, the use of advanced world technology to maximize the retention of food nutrition, strict implementation of national standardized food processing process to ensure food safety, to ensure the quality of each product; Enterprise group has fully passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and food safety SC certification.
Three mountain island group mainly includes the management of Marine food Marine products (sea cucumber, abalone, sea leisure food, the one with three kinds of hundred kinds of products, by the vast number of citizens and the social from all walks of life agree, was awarded the "industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises", liaoning province, "consumer satisfied unit", "national food safety top advanced unit", "national safety be ensured that food enterprises", "quality integrity unit" title; In 2011, sanshan island sea cucumber was awarded "China's well-known trademark", and was awarded "citizens' favorite trademark brand" for four consecutive years, and its products were awarded "famous trademark" and "famous brand product" of provinces and cities.
With strong strength, good business reputation and industry reputation, sanshan island Marine food enterprise group actively promotes healthy and high-quality Marine food, and cooperates with wal-mart, carrefour, Beijing hualian, rt-mart, dachang group and other well-known supermarkets at home and abroad. The company has a strong design team and professional sales team and sales network, through detailed market research and data analysis, after years of market layout, has now formed in dalian as the center, in east China, south China, northeast and northwest regions of Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other cities set up branches and offices, sales network has been gradually spread all over the country.
Sanshan islanders take the market as the guidance, take the innovation as the motive force, in line with the fine, the concentration, the practical craftsman spirit, strives for perfection, by the craftsmanship, casts the good product. Firmly believe that "only ingenuity, will be the best" company philosophy; Under the high reputation, sanshan islanders will, as always, strive to become an excellent enterprise in the Marine food industry, become the leader in the Marine food industry, take providing delicious and healthy food to the society as their own responsibility, forge ahead with determination and keep innovating!
Skilled worker, craftsman in mind, product in line!

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