A, market promotion

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for regional marketing, visit the market, put forward the promotion strategy;
2. Executive headquarters themes/schedule promotions, planning, organizing, implementing regional marketing activities, and assessment;
3, according to the market and work needs to be specific market promotion activity planning and formulate specific activities;
4, responsible for the brand marketing strategy management, brand sustainable development plan;
5, timely communication and customer communication progress, regular feedback of new customer information, maintain customer relationship.
Job requirements:
1, has the keen market insight, good planning ability, good execution ability and negotiation skills;
2, active thinking, creative thinking and logical thinking ability; With rich experience in market planning, marketing promotion, has unique insights on data analysis
3, has the strong sense of team spirit and active collaboration;
4, has the similar position working experience more than 3 years.
B,Second, the financial manager (director)
Job description:
1), the company changes in financial position, operating results and cash in a comprehensive grasp;
2), responsible for the company's current account, capital accounting work and the daily accounting matters;
3), standard company payment process, responsible for improve the system of financial management and relevant work procedures;
4), involving financial revenues and expenditures of the major business plans, economic contracts, such as economic agreements on financial risk control;
5), is responsible for organizing the monthly, quarterly and annual financial plan and budget work and to carry out the implementation, responsible for providing financial analysis;
6) work, supervision and accounting personnel;
7), salary negotiable.
Job requirements:
1), college degree or above, financial management, accounting related majors;
2), can be familiar with office software and financial software, proficient in financial knowledge and working process, familiar with the national tax policy can the independent processing wholesale accounts;
3), 5 years or above financial management, accounting related working experience, 2 years or above management experience;
4), experience in retail or fast food industry experience is preferred.

Recruitment address:

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